Book Cover: Toxicosis

A sequel to Revenance, Toxicosis is a surreal, hallucinatory novel featuring supernatural entities, psychotropic feline muses, the transmission of deranging diseases, and the awakening of creative as well as destructive possibilities. Contagion lures, infestation gestates, feral energies resurrect.

Reviews:cryptoliteratus on Amazon wrote:

Toxicosis contains some of Alison Armstrong’s best writing yet. It is a culmination of sorts, but also a promise of things to come. Building upon and expanding her previous work, she’s succeeded in creating a place, or in unfolding a place, that feels as big as a whole "world." The book exposes this world to readers in an intimate and moving manner, and then entraps them there. At the same time both familiar and startling, Toxicosis follows characters who live in conditions that to most readers would seem as “upside down” as the conditions in which Jean Genet’s famous characters live. In some ways, reading it is like undergoing Nietzsche’s “Revaluation of All Values.” It is a demanding book, but it is worth the effort because of the beauty of the writing as well as the author's insights.

Avid reader on Amazon wrote:

Daring, dark, deep, and compelling, this sequel to REVENANCE never disappoints. This is a substantial, intense work, unprecedented in its unique intermingling of horror, philosophy, spirituality/religion, psychology, science fiction, and more. The voice of the female vampire Ligeia stands out as especially evocative as she reflects on time, the human and vampire condition, the mind/body connection, and even her childhood. Vividly portrayed glimpses into the often painful but bittersweet dreams and lives of the varied dying vampire victims fascinate and sadden as they also sometimes also shock and repel. The cat imagery and plot line are especially innovative and intriguing to cat lovers like me. The novel is an ambitious, beautifully, poetically written venture that leads readers to think and feel in new ways about frightening, mesmerizing, and perhaps never previously contemplated ideas. Although readers of horror/vampire genre appear likely to enjoy it, this truly novel novel also succeeds as serious literary fiction. A satisfying read that makes me eager for what this author will produce next.

Stacey Gallard on Amazon wrote:

A very intense mature vampire novel.

Shelley Simcox on Goodreads wrote:

A truly novel novel, perhaps even surpassing REVENANCE (for which it is a sequel). More than a vampire story -- beautifully written, evocative, intriguing, and meaningful -- a substantial work that goes well beyond genre, becoming serious literary fiction. Unprecedented blending of surrealism, horror, psychology, horror, philosophy, spiritualism. The depictions of vampire victims' dreams and lives as they are dying stand out as especially compelling and creative. The female vampire's voice is empathetic and imbued with reflective, irresistible nostalgic tone, especially interesting as she reflects on her childhood, the mind/body condition, the vampire and human condition, nature, and the environment. Beautifully, poetically written. A satisfying read that leaves me eager for the author's next book.