Vigil and Other Writings

Book Cover: Vigil and Other Writings

"Vigil" is a work with interconnected parts, which, mosaic-like, depict the first-person narrator's fragmented memories and fantasies associated with puberty, God, nightmare entities, and her grandfather's cancer. She is haunted by memories of childhood experiences, either nightmares or shamanic encounters, with ominous entities.

Reviews:Charles Avinger on Amazon wrote:

Vigil is a darkly beautiful work of writing and photography that combines the ethereal, the nightmarish, the fragile, and the haunting into one volume. Alison Armstrong is a talented writer who is not afraid probe the tender cavities of our existence; indeed, she seeks out the dark and the mysterious to explore in her writings. It is a credit to her that she does so with a fresh, original voice. Concrete images link the otherworldly to the mundane; expertly handled language guides the reader through a world that is at once familiar and nightmarish. The photographs by Joe Page complement the text perfectly, teasing the reader with images that are abstract and suggestive, evocative of a plane of existence where dreams and reality merge into one. Anyone interested in the macabre, the unusual, the creative, the darkly fascinating will be drawn in by this book.